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Meet your Chef
Linda Illsley 
Fast Fun and Tasty Cooking shows how you can be a magician in the Kitchen. Created by Linda Illsley, who has been cooking since age 6, Linda is passionate about food! Formally trained as a Chef at the Culinary Institute in Hyde Park New York, Linda worked for Michelin-Star rated restaurants in Europe and has been a professional Chef for over 34 years! Tasty Cooking can be Fast and Fun when you know professional Chef secrets!  This free short video series will show you the secrets how to create simple base dishes that are easily tweaked to suite every palate so you can have Mouth-Watering dishes in minutes. And your Professional Chef will show you how step by step!

You'll Discover:
  • Secret Ingredients​ that will transform almost any dish into a mouth-watering experience!
  • Muffins so tasty you won't believe they're Gluten Free! 
  • CHEF Secrets from Linda! You can be a magician in the Kitchen - It's Fast, Fun and Tasty!
  • Salad Dressing so good you'll never buy from the store again! And so many quick variations from one base - a new experience every night!
  • Salsas lip-smaking good in under 10 minutes!
  • Time hacks​ - what you think takes hours  - only takes minutes!
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